Elm Chat Client for Typescript Chat Server

Since writing the Typescript chat server and client, I delved pretty deep into all of the fancy frontend frameworks and got to know them pretty well. They are fun to work in, but there is so much overhead involved, I started craving more similarity to my backend roots. I found some articles on Elm, and it peaked my interest. It looks so much like my favorite language (Haskell) that I wanted to try it out. [Read More]

TypeScript/React/Redux Chat App Tutorial

Most of my experience is in writing backend code. I have always worked with (and love) typed languages. I am a big fan of verbose programming languages because most of the projects I’ve worked on have been large Enterprise projects. When projects get large, using a scripting language gets hairy. However, scripting languages are also awesome, and I wanted to get more experience with them. I have written plenty of Javascript with jQuery, but that doesn’t cut it anymore. [Read More]

Simple Neural Network in Keras

Predicting Who Lived and Died on the Titanic

Recently I found this helpful course to help me learn how to actually start writing some Neural Networks. I understand the theory fairly well, but I wanted to actually write one and play around with it. This course showcases a data science competition website called Kaggle that provides a ton of datasets, helpful discussions, and the ability to write/fork some Jupyter notebooks directly on the site. Kaggle provides some tutorial competitions, the first one being a competition to predict who lived and died on the titanic. [Read More]

Build a Prusa i3

Building Your Own 3d Printer

I never really got into working with electronics when I was younger. I always liked the idea of taking something apart and figuring out how it works, but it always ended up with a plastic bag of loose pieces and nothing learned (except how important it is to take pictures as you take something apart). After I had been working at my current job for about 2 years, one of my coworkers brought in an Arduino. [Read More]

Using Namecheap, Amazon S3, Amazon Route 53, and Hugo

How I made this blog

Time for the obligatory “How I made the website you’re reading right now I’M SO META” post. Turns out this was not a trivial process, particularly all of the DNS stuff that I barely understood (and frankly still barely understand). My goal was to make this blog as quickly and cheaply as possible, and I think I found a pretty good solution… Maybe. Feel free to correct me in the comments. [Read More]
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