Let's Make A DnD Character: Part 3

Make it Pretty

Now it’s time for my achilles heel: making things look nice. CSS is the bane of my existence. I hate it every time I use it, and the number of 2px bumps I have to do until everything magically lines up makes me want to die. Granted I have not used flex box and the new grid display, so I may have an unfair view of CSS. It is a necessary evil, though, because I really want to see my sprite sheet in action. [Read More]

TypeScript/React/Redux Chat App Tutorial

Most of my experience is in writing backend code. I have always worked with (and love) typed languages. I am a big fan of verbose programming languages because most of the projects I’ve worked on have been large Enterprise projects. When projects get large, using a scripting language gets hairy. However, scripting languages are also awesome, and I wanted to get more experience with them. I have written plenty of Javascript with jQuery, but that doesn’t cut it anymore. [Read More]