Let's Make A DnD Character: Part 5

GraphQL in Java

Time to play around with the first bit of new tech: GraphQL. Since I have all of the character creator logic already written in my Spring Boot Java app, I figured I will just expand on that and see how hard it would be to migrate a REST API to a GraphQL one. The first step for all of my API work is the spec. GraphQL Spec We already made a swagger spec in Part 1, so most of the work is already done here. [Read More]
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DIY Remote Controlled Lights (Part 2)

Turns out flashlights are a thing

So turns out over-engineering is a thing. It has taken me a while to finally update a part 2 for my remote controlled lights because I finally got it working and…well…it sucks. The battery lasts for like 4 days, my wiring was terrible so I ran into a lot of blinking LED issues and various other hardware problems, and I finally had to give into my fiancee laughing at me and showing me pictures of flashlights. [Read More]
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Let's Make A DnD Character: Part 4

Playing Around With Istio

When I originally set out on the DnD character creator, my goal was to make a bunch of implementations of the same API using different flavors of JVM languages: Java, Kotlin, and Scala. However, learning new languages isn’t as fun unless I’m solving new problems with them. If I’m just implementing the same thing over and over again but with different languages, the actual language features and the pros and cons of the language becomes hazy. [Read More]

Fun Work

Make The Dream Work

Sometimes I hit slumps where I don’t enjoy the programming work I’m doing at any given moment. It seems like my backlog is filled with work I don’t want to do and I lose my motivation. So I started to wonder, what makes the work in my queue not fun? What makes work I’ve done before fun? I have spent weeks eliminating duplicate Java dependencies to allow migration to a new runtime (with plenty of cursing along the way) and actually enjoyed it, when every person who has even a vague idea what that would be like would say it sounds absolutely horrible. [Read More]

Let's Make A DnD Character: Part 3

Make it Pretty

Now it’s time for my achilles heel: making things look nice. CSS is the bane of my existence. I hate it every time I use it, and the number of 2px bumps I have to do until everything magically lines up makes me want to die. Granted I have not used flex box and the new grid display, so I may have an unfair view of CSS. It is a necessary evil, though, because I really want to see my sprite sheet in action. [Read More]