DIY Remote Controlled Lights (Part 2)

Turns out flashlights are a thing

So turns out over-engineering is a thing. It has taken me a while to finally update a part 2 for my remote controlled lights because I finally got it working and…well…it sucks. The battery lasts for like 4 days, my wiring was terrible so I ran into a lot of blinking LED issues and various other hardware problems, and I finally had to give into my fiancee laughing at me and showing me pictures of flashlights. [Read More]
arduino  led 

DIY Remote Controlled Lights (Part 1)

Lights, RF24, Arduino

I’ve been in a tinkering mood lately but couldn’t settle on a good project. Finally one came to mind that I have been wanting to do for a while but never had the motivation for. My night vision is freaking awful, and we keep our bedroom incredibly dark to help my fiancee sleep, so when I wake up in the morning I usually end up bashing my knee into a few things and stepping on one of the various animals in the room. [Read More]
arduino  led