Let's Make A DnD Character: Part 2

Turns Out Pretty Hard

I found an awesome sprite sheet collection that included a bunch of stuff I could use for generating some animated sprites for my generated DnD character I made in Part 1. My swagger spec shows that this endpoint will take in a CharacterInfo, and based on those choices I can walk the sprite sheet folder and pick the appropriate body, weapons, and armor. Now the tricky part is how to easily define which images to select given some condition in the provided CharacterInfo. [Read More]

Let's Make A DnD Character

How Hard Can It Be?

The programming language I am most familiar with is Java. Until recently, I have enjoyed working in Java quite a bit, it clicks with my brain very well. It was the first language I learned, so it is the most natural for me to use. However, after working on multiple other projects using other languages, I am forced to come to terms with some severe limitations of Java. No language is perfect, and Java is still an incredibly popular and powerful language, but it is showing its age. [Read More]