Making A Game in Rust: Part 5


Source code for this part I feel like any game that has vendors should allow a bit of thievery. As soon as the original tutorial added vendors the first thing I wanted to do was add a way to steal items, and of course incur some cost when items are stolen. To avoid having to make a whole sneaking system, I am instead going to create a new Thief faction, and have entities react accordingly. [Read More]
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Making A Game in Rust: Part 4

Options Menu

Source code for this part. Roguelike purists would say there should be no sound in a roguelike game, so we should provide that option. Our SoundSystem has access to both the background and sound effects where we can set the volume to be whatever the user likes, including setting it to 0. While we are there, we can also add some other helpful options to the menu like toggling the FPS tracker and the cheat menu. [Read More]
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Making A Game in Rust: Part 3

Clean up the GUI

Source code for this part After adding a bunch of sounds, I did a bunch of play testing to make sure everything was working. As I did that, I noticed a pretty major issue with our menus. If you switch over to the buy menu for any vendor that happens to sell a lot of stuff, like the blacksmith, you get a massive list of items that is unreadable and unusable. [Read More]
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Making A Game in Rust: Part 2

Let's Get Some Sound

Source code for this part Now that my nitpicks have been addressed, we can start adding actual functionality. The first thing this game desperately needs is some sound. I want a catchy background tune for the entire game, as well as some sound effects to really make our ASCII action more dynamic. To start, we will add a simple background tune on repeat. Background Music I decided to try the rodio library for my music playing needs since it looked very straight forward. [Read More]
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Making A Game in Rust

Extending the Brilliant 'Roguelike Tutorial - In Rust'

I have been very curious about Rust lately. I have historically very much disliked system programming languages, the low level concepts and pointer arithmetic has always been a frustration that I loved to avoid. However, Rust is more interesting. The concept of a “safe” systems programming language is very appealing, and it isn’t too bad to write. I even wrote a dumb little game in Rust a few years ago, but looking back on that code it became evident that wasn’t so much writing a game as it was bastardizing stack overflow responses. [Read More]
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