Pods and Services and Deployments Oh My.

Experimenting with Kubernetes

I have been getting more and more involved in devopsy stuff. Mostly against my will, but it seems like any good programmer should keep up with the latest trends in this field. I wanted to start playing around with Kubernetes, so I thought I would try and launch my chat application using it. Installation Minikube I decided to go with Minikube since it is light weight and seems well suited to little POC demo stuff. [Read More]

Application Monitoring with Docker, Prometheus, and Grafana

Lately I’ve been interested in how to setup application monitoring. With Docker, it should be pretty straight forward to setup tools like Prometheus and Grafana, so I set out to see how simple it would be to wire up my little typescript chat application in Docker with some application monitoring. This means I had to update my typescript server and client code to work inside a Docker container, add some docker files to build the images, and make a docker compose file to spin up the whole shebang. [Read More]

Custom Unix Tab Completion Function Zsh

I have been getting super into command line tools recently. I have often been made fun of at work for using git on the command line when it is “so much easier” using a GUI. I have tried a few, but I hate not knowing exactly what is happening at any given moment even though it is pretty easy to guess. That’s when I found tig, and it was the best of both worlds. [Read More]

Practical Software Development

Coding is Easy, Talking is Hard

Disclaimer: This post is mainly just an attempt to somewhat organize thoughts I’ve been having lately. Many of the points are probably radically obvious and this probably reads as one giant rant, but I’m in a rant mood. I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of environments in my career so far. I have worked for a small company teetering between keeping the lights on and expanding, a small company with a successful product starting to expand, and a large company with a well established product looking to maintain while staying competitive. [Read More]

Using Host Network Docker for Mac

Private Repos in Docker

I’ve been using Docker a lot at work lately, and it is pretty awesome. Generally I prefer structure over chaos, which is why I lean towards typed languages rather than scripting languages. I like things well defined. I like to know exactly what I’m getting. Docker seemed like a very interesting solution for this problem. Specifically, it sounded like a great way to solve the “Well it doesn’t happen on my machine” bugs. [Read More]